Stone Dam

Stone Dam was built in 1911 just less than a mile upream from Steel Dam by Sante Fe Pacific Railroad.  Stone Dam, made of huge blocks of pink sandstone cut from quarries near Winslow, 100 miles from Ash Fork.  It is constructed of Ashlar Masonry walls on a curve 596 feet long, radius 590.72 feet, averaging 40 feet high and 6 feet wide on top.  The dam was built in 1911 with addititions in 1913.  It was raised 17 feet 7 inches with Ashlar facing and backed with concrete at a cost of $175,977.   A railroad spur from the main line down in Johnson Creek was needed to offload the blocks and cut to shape by skilled stonecuttlers.  You can see a huge pile of reddish sandstone chips which line the northern side of the lake today.  

  On April 4, 2003  John F. Long donated the property to Ash Fork Development Association to develop a recreation/interpretation trail between the historic Stone and Steel Dams.


Location:  Old Route 66 West of Welch Rd.

Park Hours:  Open 24 hours

Size: 10 acres

Rules:  No off-road use.  No littering.  Respect private property rights. Please pack out what you pack in. Boats limited to electrical motors only.

Please Report any damage or issues to Ash Fork Water Service (928)637-2774.


Daily Bag Limits

4 catfish

6 trout

2 bass (13 inch minimum)

Statewide mimits apply to all other species


Park Amenities:


Portable restroom


Wildlife Watching

Hiking Trails


For More Information Contact:

Ash Fork Development Association

518 Lewis Avenue

Ash Fork, AZ 86320