Current Projects

3/2024- We currently have several projects going on at the same time.  It's a busy time in Ash Fork with the start of the construction of the New Post Office and the Travel Center construction going on.  Here at the Water Office we are also in the process of having a New Well Drilled and the Construction of a New Well House.  I am happy to report both of these projects are going good.  

7/2020-  We currently have several projects underway this summer.  we have hired several teenagers to help assist us with working on some of areas of interest. Tanner Bond, Zack Hall, Angel Sotelo-Ayala, Domillo Ayala and Owen Prosser have been working on the landscaped medians, cleaning up the areas around the Library,Headstart and North Country Building.  

  We recently made a trip up to Stone Dam to clean up around there and pick up trash.

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New Well House Construction

Everything is going well with the construction of our New Well House.  

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